I was asked by a 3D artist, Ryan Trammel, for permission to model my Nova character concept. Ryan's portfolio of 3D models showed his true talent, skills to nail the anatomy of any figure, not to mention the ability to model beautiful faces! So I gave him the green light and got this WIP images about a month later.

I think he has been doing freelance work since his graduation from Full Sail. But if there's anyone, who's dream is to become a fantastic modeler, please check out Ryan and give this guy the compliments that he deserves!

3D Modeled by: Ryan Trammel
Original Concept by: Paul "Shiramune" Kwon
Copyrighted: Blizzard Entertainment



  1. Ryan's got a bright future in this industry indeed. I'm sure he can go far with his skills.

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  2. Both of you are fantastically talented. Hope you guys get your dream jobs.