Ahri Gumiho the New Champion

First of All, This image is not done by me!
The top row is done inhouse at Riot Games by a concept artist.
The bottom row are some fan stuff as tribute to the champion.

As you might know if you're a huge fan of League of Legends.
This new champion came out pretty recently.
I wanted to share with you guys that I have made a pretty big contribution with the development of this character.
I have been freelancing for Riot Games for about 6 months now mostly doing pre-production work for their upcoming champions.

This champion was a pretty special one for me out of the ones that I have worked on since this is dedicated to the launch of LoL in Korea. She is based on a ancient folklore of Gumiho so it was really fun to work on.

After looking through the web and seeing some of the fan arts and cosplays of the character I contributed in designing, I have to say that I'm pretty thrilled to be in this industry working as a concept artist.

Because of the NDA with Riot, I don't think I can post my pre production concept art of this champion any time soon but I might do a fan art of her!

Sorry guys, I couldn't find the artists for the fan arts on the bottom row. Let me know if you guys know who the artists are!
Cosplayer: Miyuko


  1. Wow I didn't know you are working for Riot Games. That's absolutely amazing :)
    I really like Ahri and I think she the most beautiful character and also funny to play^^
    I know this Fanart but I just know the name of the artist: Taesi. Unfortunately I didn't find some Website or Gallery link of him/her :(
    Anyway keep up your good work^^

  2. Paul it's been a while since i checked out your blog. freaks me out how awesome your art is. Wish i had your painting skills, inspiring as always!