This is the biggest and the smelliest dump that I did in a long Long Time!


I was asked by a 3D artist, Ryan Trammel, for permission to model my Nova character concept. Ryan's portfolio of 3D models showed his true talent, skills to nail the anatomy of any figure, not to mention the ability to model beautiful faces! So I gave him the green light and got this WIP images about a month later.

I think he has been doing freelance work since his graduation from Full Sail. But if there's anyone, who's dream is to become a fantastic modeler, please check out Ryan and give this guy the compliments that he deserves!

3D Modeled by: Ryan Trammel
Original Concept by: Paul "Shiramune" Kwon
Copyrighted: Blizzard Entertainment



Ahri Gumiho the New Champion

First of All, This image is not done by me!
The top row is done inhouse at Riot Games by a concept artist.
The bottom row are some fan stuff as tribute to the champion.

As you might know if you're a huge fan of League of Legends.
This new champion came out pretty recently.
I wanted to share with you guys that I have made a pretty big contribution with the development of this character.
I have been freelancing for Riot Games for about 6 months now mostly doing pre-production work for their upcoming champions.

This champion was a pretty special one for me out of the ones that I have worked on since this is dedicated to the launch of LoL in Korea. She is based on a ancient folklore of Gumiho so it was really fun to work on.

After looking through the web and seeing some of the fan arts and cosplays of the character I contributed in designing, I have to say that I'm pretty thrilled to be in this industry working as a concept artist.

Because of the NDA with Riot, I don't think I can post my pre production concept art of this champion any time soon but I might do a fan art of her!

Sorry guys, I couldn't find the artists for the fan arts on the bottom row. Let me know if you guys know who the artists are!
Cosplayer: Miyuko


Death Rogue - Massive Online Gamer Cover Art

This was the second cover art I did for the Massive Online Gamer magazine. The Chief Editor asked me to create a character that would exist in WoW universe and make her sort of "eye catching". I think I have accomplished that request because the dozen copies I saw at my local Ralphs store disappeared the next day. This is a full body version where in the magazine the composition is different. It was fun!